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21th of December is the date, when the “Portal” to the 5th Dimension was opened. It was a start to getting in a process of ascending into an entirely new level of reality, in which we develop a consciousness of love, compassion, union, peace and spiritual wisdom. We’re going from the third dimension, through the fourth, towards the fifth dimension.

That also means that we are moving on to a higher spiritual frequency and you can experience a lot of ascension-symptoms like headaches, extreme fatigue, depression, feeling emotional, heightened sensitivity, stronger intuition, unusual sleeping patterns, heart palpitations, changes in diet etc.
Change and growth are taking place; you may want to change your job, moving to another house, city or even another country. Relationships are changing and you can also get to a point in your life, that your Twin Flame can appear. Most of the time your Twin Flame will appear at an unexpected moment in your life. This meeting can be a life-changing, transformational experience.
All these changes have a purpose; it can take us through a process of letting go of old trauma’s,
destructive behavior, negative thoughts and living and creating in fear. By letting go of that fear and other emotions, we will be able to create an inner space that helps us to trust and follow our intuition, to be in peace with our selfs and create more harmony and love in our life.

A lot of people become also more aware of that things in society have to change too.
Many people want to take their lives back into their own hands and want to live the life from the heart. Taking steps, taking risks and making life changing decisions can be hard sometimes.
Therefor we offer you our help. We can help you understand your spiritual journey, tell you more about emotional trauma’s of your youth or past life’s that may influence your current life and give you more vision on what the future has to offer you. And we can guide you and give you answers about your journey with your Twin Flame. We can give you all the answers to your questions in a psychic reading. And help you with emotional and physical problems by giving you a energy healing, with crystals and essential oils.

We also like to inform you about all he changes taking place on Earth by writing blogs about Twin Flames, Astrology, Atlantis, Egypt and more.

Wishing you love and all good things,

Karin en Danique Vergeer
Healingcentrum Isis